The library's computers have the following software on them. Just click on Start in the lower left corner of the screen to bring up the menu of software.

Th computers offer you a variety of ways to browse the Web. Many web sites look better with Firefox, but many others require Internet Explorer (IE), and we also provide a simplified web browser with IE as its core.

Internet (Simple) offers menus and buttons that are specifically designed to make things easy for you. This software is actually a special interface for Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer (IE) is available in case you would prefer to use the regular version of this without the "simple" menus and buttons. Many web sites were designed specifically for IE and don't work properly in any other browser.

Firefox is the most popular alternative to Internet Explorer. It is much more compliant with web standards than IE, and many sites look better in it. We have version 3, which is the newest.

Microsoft Office 2007
The computers have the latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access.  There are a number of online tutorials and cheat sheets for Office 2007.

Microsoft Student with Encarta
This software is a comprehensive, subject-specific resource designed to help middle- and high-school students complete homework assignments and projects in less time. Student is a suite of learning tools including Microsoft Math, Learning Essentials, Encarta Premium 2009, foreign language tools, and more than 1,000 book summaries. Encarta is a digital multimedia encyclopedia consisting of more than 62,000 articles, numerous photos and illustrations, music clips, videos, interactivities, timelines, maps and atlas, and homework tools.

Software for Viewing, Editing, and Printing Pictures
When you insert the memory card from a camera, or when you insert a CD with photos on it and then double click on "My Computer," you will see several options, including these:

View a slideshow of the images using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer
In addition to viewing photos, this is a gateway to editing: While viewing photos, you can right click on a photo, choose "open with" (don't click on "edit" - that takes you to something that's not really intended for editing photos), and choose Microsoft Office Picture Manager. This will give you some basic photo editing options and will also allow you to print using the Photo Printing Wizard.

Print the pictures using Photo Printing Wizard
This gives you some nice printing options.