Paper Recycling

You can use our recycling bin for just about any kind of paper - magazines, paper bags, catalogs, phone books, paperback and hardbound books, newspapers, junk mail, and office and school paper. The bin is in the parking lot near Broad Boulevard, and when you use it you're helping both the environment and the library, because we get a little bit of money for the paper that's recycled.

The following items are not acceptable in the bin: metal, glass, aluminum, plastic, styrofoam, and trash.

By December, 2010, after only 12 months,  we had recycled 36 tons of paper. Because using old paper to make new paper uses 50% less energy, this 36 tons equals 180,000 kilowatts of electricity that we have saved - that's about how much it takes to light and heat the library for 2 months. In 2011, we recycled more than 71,000 pounds of paper, earning $900 for the library.