Ohio eBook Collection Merging with SEO to form Ohio Digital Library

The Ohio eBook Project and the SEO Digital Catalog have merged. The new, combined collection is called the Ohio Digital Library. This gives you a single point of access to everything from both collections, and just one ebook account to manage. Here are a few things you should know:

  • The holds lists from both collections have been merged. If there were 20 holds on a title in one collection and 30 holds on the same title in the other collection, all 50 holds will be on that title in the new collection. Holds will be sorted by the date and time they were placed. You might go from 10th place to 20th place, but there will be more copies in the new, combined collection to fill all these holds.
  • Checkouts also have been merged. If you had items checked out in both collections, they will all be on your record in the new collection.
  • If you use the Overdrive app on your tablet or phone, you won't need to do anything differently.
  • The merged collection has a new web address, but the old web addresses will point to the new collection.