Newly-Renovated Building Using 32% Less Energy

We have started seeing the benefit of the energy-saving measures of our recent renovation: In April we used 32% less electricity than in April, 2009. Replacing the 40-year-old heating and cooling system in our all-electric building made a big difference, as have our other energy-saving measures:

  • Increase and improve insulation in all the renovated areas.
  • Update heating and cooling controls so that we can automatically reduce heating or cooling or shut the system down at night and turn it back on in the morning.
  • Significantly increase the use of natural light through a new center skylight, the windows of the old Third Street entrance (now teen room), and the windows of the northeast side of building (formerly a staff workroom).
  • Use daylight harvesting, in which sensors turn lights off and on, depending on the amount of daylight available, near the north and south windows as well as the central area near the new skylight.
  • Use the latest, most efficient generation of florescent lights and ballasts.
  • Use motion controls on lights in most rooms to turn lights off if no one is in the room.