Internet Computers

There are a number of computers throughout the library that you can use to access the Internet, use Office software such as Microsoft Word, and use educational software.

The computers have Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, and a special web browser with a simplified interface. They also have Microsoft Office 2007, with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access. The computers also have Microsoft Student with Encarta, a comprehensive, subject-specific resource designed to help middle- and high-school students complete homework assignments and projects in less time, as well as some basic software for viewing, editing, and printing pictures. For more information and links to tutorials, see "library computers" in the help section of our web site.

Basics of Use
You'll need a library card with less than $5 in fines to use an Internet computer. Computers are located both upstairs and downstairs. If a computer is available you can just walk up, sign in, and use it. If all computers are in use, you can sign up in the waiting list. If you need to step away from a computer for a few minutes you can lock the computer. There are time limits - 2 hours for most computers, and 20 minutes for the four express computers upstairs.

You can print in black (5 cents) or color (25 cents). After you print something, you'll need to go to a print release station where you can log in, view your list of print jobs, pay for them, and then send them to the printer.

Removable Media
All Internet computers have CD/DVD drives (although we don't allow you to watch DVDs on the computers), USB ports, and slots for memory cards that are used in cameras, etc. The computers do not have floppy disk drives, but you can check out a removable floppy drive at the reference desk or the Children's desk.

The computers do not have speakers, but they do have headphones, and they have ports in the front where you can plug in your own headphones. We recommend that you pick up a disposable wipe at the reference desk or the children's desk to clean the headphones before you use them.