Guard Against Losing Your Documents

Here are some that could help you be prepared in case something goes wrong and you lose a résumé, a paper, or any other kind of document you've been working on.

Save early and often: As soon as you create a new document, save it to your flash drive. Then save it often while you're working on it. If the power goes out, for instance, you'll lose all the work you've done since the last time you saved your document.

Save multiple copies: it's possible for something to go wrong with a document, so you should make multiple copies of important documents, even if the copies are on the same flash drive. One way to do this is to pull up your document and use the "save as" feature to create another copy with a different name.

Save in multiple places: Things can go wrong with a flash drive, so it's a good idea to save important documents on more than one flash drive. You can also use your email as another place to keep copies of your documents; just send yourself an email with the document attached, or paste the document into an email to yourself.

Print it out: A printout can be good to have in case something goes wrong and you don't have an electronic copy, especially if you don't have a hand-written copy of your document.