RSS Feeds

You can subscribe to an RSS feed of the announcements on our home page, our Kids page, or Teen page. Below is more information about RSS. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds for our Bookletters.

What is RSS?
RSS is a way to keep up with web sites that change often. Many news sites, blogs, and other kinds of web sites offer RSS feeds. With RSS, you don't need to visit each web site to find out what's new there - just check your RSS reader.

What is an RSS Reader?
An RSS reader is where you go to read all the different RSS feeds you subscribe to. Many people use web-based RSS readers, which include My Yahoo, Bloglines, and Google Reader. You can also install software on your computer or mobile device to read RSS feeds.

What are the Links for Subscribing to the Library's Feeds?
To subscribe to our feeds, use these links:

What other Web Sites have RSS Feeds?
Once you start looking for the orange RSS icon RSS icon you'll discover that many web sites have RSS feeds. Here a few:

Where Can I Learn More about RSS?
Here are a few web sites about RSS: