7 Ways to Get More Music from the Falls Library

 Make your humble little library card sing by using it to get tons of great music. Count the ways:

1. Get free downloads with Freegal.
Get free, legal MP3 downloads using Freegal. Choose from over a million songs from Sony and smaller labels, spanning all genres and almost 100 countries. Visit the Freegal site every week to use your three weekly downloads, and use the new wish list feature to save songs for later. Use it on the web, or on the go with the Freegal app for Android or Freegal app for Apple devices. Just go to cuyahogafallslibrary.freegalmusic.com

2. Stream albums with Hoopla.
Thousands of FREE music albums are available for mobile and online access through a new partnership with hoopla digital. Patrons can enjoy titles available to borrow for instant streaming or temporary downloading to their smartphones, tablets and computers. Hoopla digital is offered at no cost to patrons via browser, Android and iOS and requires only a Cuyahoga Falls Library card to access. To register, visit www.hoopladigital.com.

3. Get CDs easily from other libraries.
Get CDs from other libraries in just a few days by requesting them online; we'll call, email, or text you when they're ready to pick up. After you do a search in our catalog, click on the SearchOhio and OhioLINK icons to do your search in those catalogs. SearchOhio is your connection to over 10 million items from 23 other library systems, including Akron-Summit County, Cuyahoga County, Cincinnati, and many others. OhioLINK gives you access to over 60 million items from Ohio colleges and universities.You can also search them directly:

4. See what's new in our CD department, and find new things by seeing what's popular.
Be the first on the reserves list for new titles by checking our list of recently-ordered CDs every day. You can find out what's new in your favorite category by checking our lists of recently-added CDs by genre. Find out what your neighbors are listening to with our lists of CDs that are most popular here, either at the moment or so far this year. All these lists are linked from our CDs page.

5. Learn how to search for music in our catalog.
Use these tips to find CDs in Encore (our default catalog search) or the Classic Catalog (our older catalog).

  • In Encore, use the "refine by" links to see just CDs. After you do a search, in the left column, under "refine by", under "format", choose "CD". If you also want to limit to the adult or children's sections of the library, you can add a limit by location "AUDIO VISUAL DEPT" or "CHILDREN'S DEPT", respectively.
  • In the Classic Catalog, pre-limit your search by checking the CD box further down on the search screen, or after you've done a search use the "modify search" button at the top.
  • Search by song title, or see what songs are on a CD. Many of our catalog records for CDs include a list of the songs. Try searching for a song title, putting quotes around it to bring up only that exact phrase, and limit your search to CDs. Or, after you do a search, click on a title to go to the detail view and look on the screen for the song titles or other interesting things like a list of the performers.

6. Get concert DVDs.
Sometimes the live version is better: Check out the DVDs of concerts in our "performance DVDs" section. This has its own separate shelving location in the library (though the newest ones are in the "new DVDS" section), and its own lists on our performance CDs page.

7. Ask us to buy what you want.
Use our suggest a purchase page to submit a request online. Choose the genre "CD" so it goes to Nancy, our CD selector, and she'll be happy to consider your request.